About Us

Himaira is a labor of love that is enriched with the best botanicals from Nature, put together with the gentlest yet effective ingredients from our laboratory. Our products are developed under the expert guidance of our Formulation Specialists who have decades of experience in the domain of skincare and understand the requirements of Indian skin with respect to the tropical climate of India. We are a homegrown brand, which believes that with constant innovation and quality control, it is possible for the Made In India tag to be worthy of being shown off on the global map.

Like all serendipities, the story of how Himaira came into being was a beautiful happenstance. It was the year 2016--- the year of my first heartbreak ever, after a relationship of two years ended abruptly. It was also the year I joined college for under-graduation, and I decided to keep myself as busy as possible and refrain from all sorts of romantic affiliations to avoid causing any further pain to myself. The first semester went well. At the beginning of the second semester, Cara, an exchange student from Ireland joined my class. On the first day of the semester, she walked into the class five minutes late. Since the seat next to me was vacant, she came and sat, and started to narrate something without context. She went on and on about some auto driver who took her for a ride (literally and figuratively). I realized that all eyes were on us, but I think she was oblivious. Those were the shortest three hours of my life! I tried reminding myself about my vow of keeping away from all forms of romantic love, but I was helpless. While I was battling with this, much to my surprise, a week later Cara asked me out! I decided to let go of my guard and give it a shot.

One coffee date turned into another, and even before we knew, we were in a relationship. Two months later, in the month of March something unexpected happened--- as the temperatures touched 36° C, Cara's skin started peeling off owing to the hot weather. It was painful for me to watch, and I don't know how she got the strength to deal with it first-hand. She came down to the basics of her skincare routine to minimize her skin's exposure to chemicals, but that didn't help either. All her skincare products were what she used back home--- tried and tested over years. A week later, when nothing helped, she went to a dermatologist, who prescribed her a couple of topical gels. The dermatologist explained that it wasn't her products that caused the issue, it was the weather that was the bane of her existence. The observation surprised me because it never occurred to me that it was possible for the weather to play such an important role in our well-being!

... and that made me dig deeper into the world of skincare. After poring over papers and research, and meeting other dermatologists, I understood that it is true that the ingredients alone don't impact our skin, but it is also the weather and climatic conditions that influence how a skincare product interacts with our skin. In my quest to find the right brand, I looked around for the ones that focus on both the elements of skincare--- ingredients and climatic conditions. And found that none exits. The ones that did work well, were slotted as cosmeceuticals and were not easily accessible. And that is when I decided it's time for Himaira to be launched with products that understood the consumer's skin and the climate. With this began my journey to understand botanicals, chemicals, and the spot where the twain met. Thanks to our strong team of experts who have years of experience behind them, what was available in the market was fairly easy to understand. However, what we wanted to do was an uphill task. Finally, after two years of research and development, and personally testing every single formulation that came out of our lab, we finally launched Himaira.