About Us

Himaira Global Private Limited, incorporated in March 2019. It was set up to take over a part of business in an associate company – ‘Suvidha Stores Private Limited’. It took over the ethnic clothing line from the existing clothing retail chain. It started retailing suits, sarees, lehenga, shawls, other ethnic clothing accessories.

The company already had an existing distribution network through Suvidha’s retail chain stores. Its primary geographical area is limited to Haryana, India and now focusing on expanding its roots deeply in Haryana through expansion of retail stores.

In November 2019, Himaira planned an expansion project for its future, it explored the cosmetics industry which included bathing bars, bodywash, scrubs, other cosmetic products. The company is currently selling these through retail chain stores of Suvidha and online marketplaces.



Cosmetic Industry

The mission of Himaira Global is to market itself as a luxury brand for cosmetic products with its focus on consumer need. The company seeks to accomplish its mission through focusing on the product line, product awareness, consumer satisfaction and right marketing. The company seeks to explore and expand its branches into the cosmetics industry in the near future.

Clothing Industry

The company is expanding its reach in North India by expansion of Suvidha’s retail stores. The company’s mission is to open up 10 retail outlets by 2025. Currently, there are 4 retail stores operating, 3 under construction and will start operation by mid-2021.  As with the expansion of new retail stores, the ethnic clothing line will be supplying to these stores as well.