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Hydration becomes your skin-therapy during winters as it not just locks in the moisture of the skin but also deeply hydrates the skin cells which helps you to keep the glowing skin intact.

Due to the seasonal changes taking extra care of your skin becomes important. Re-applying moisturizer every now and then is extremely common during winters but by using the right skincare product this could be avoided. So, it’s essential to get the right products based on your skin type.

 1. Drink up

Your body is made up of 70% water. In order to align with its daily functioning it requires maximum consumption of water, many people consume the normal water, while the others like to add various fruits such as lime, beetroots and oranges which makes it the infused water drink. The first step of the skincare routine requires an adequate amount of hydration. It is recommended that consuming 8 glasses of water every day helps your body to eliminate all the toxins. A well-hydrated body helps in attaining a youthful glow and makes it easier for the skincare products to act upon your skin. It is essential to hydrate your body from inside-out. It is equally essential to consume as well as apply the products which are enriched with hydrating properties.

 2. Avoid Hot Showers

Who doesn’t like to sit in the bathtub for hours during winter? The problem arises when the hot water strips off the natural moisture and the necessary oils of the skin which leave behind dull and dehydrated skin. Hot water baths lead to some serious problems like rashes, dryness or irritated skin. For dry skin type, hot water strips off all the protective sebum from your skin. It leaves behind an extreme dryness on the skin which results in itchy skin. On the other hand, for oily skin type excessive dryness could lead to overproduction of oil that eventually leads to more acne. It is suggested to bathe with lukewarm water which keeps the essential nutrients in your body intact. 

3. Pamper yourself with the hydrated Skin

a) Glycerin - One of the highly admired ingredients in the beauty industry which consists of many benefits but its hydrating and moisturizing properties stand tall to provide you with soft and supple skin. The Oudh and Cedarwood Bodywash, comes with an adequate amount of glycerin which will help your skin to retain moisture. It increases skin hydration and acts upon dryness by giving out well-nourished skin.

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Oudh & Cedarwood Body Wash - Himaira
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b) Rose Water - Since ancient times, Rosewater is used as the key ingredient in the skincare industry. Many skincare products have the powerful formulation of Rosewater in it due to its ability to clarify and balance your skin. With 24k Gold Face Wash which has the dynamic blend of Gold extracts mixed with rosewater that makes it extremely effective and helps in providing that radiant glow on the skin. Rose extracts help in calming the irritated and patchy skin.

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24K Gold Face Wash - Himaira
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c) Vitamin - Vitamin E is one of the key ingredients which helps in fighting with the UV damage, Vitamin E works great to treat the sun burns. Its effectiveness gets multiplied when it is formulated with other key ingredients which protects the skin from these radiation. As a result it helps in enhancing the overall skin tone of the body. Sunscreen Mousse is infused with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oil which is loaded with SPF 50 PA+++ to protect your skin. This product caters to all the skin types. This product stands out due to its mousse, and non-greasy texture which makes it clear that it can be used both in winters and summers.

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Sunscreen Mousse - Himaira
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By following all the above listed steps, one can easily achieve their skin-care goals. As a well-hydrated skin is the stepping stone to a younger looking radiant skin. To keep your skin healthy, young and wrinkle-free, hydrating it from the inside out is a must. 

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Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.