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As we bid farewell to the old, it is the perfect time to reflect and prioritize our well being and health. As the new year sets in, it is now time to work upon new resolutions for self care. With the holiday season and grand celebrations, let's not forget to pamper our skin. Making a few simple changes in the busy routine can make a whole lot of difference in how the skin looks and feels.

Skin Care isn't just about beauty, it is about nurturing the largest organ of our body and maintaining its health. Our skin undergoes a lot of changes and a lot of challenges throughout the year from factors like environment, stress, lifestyle choices etc, therefore setting up some skincare resolutions is vital for the overall well being.

1. Consistency is key!

Committing to a consistent skincare routine is important for good skin. Having a consistent ongoing skincare routine helps in forming a foundation for a healthy skin barrier. Whether you are a skincare beginner or skincare genius, having a constant skincare routine tailored to your skin type is crucial. The basic clean, tone, moisturize with daily SPF protection can do wonders for your skin. Himaira offers a CTM bundle which can be customisable according to your skin type and is perfect for the everyday routine.

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2. Prioritize sun protection

You may know it or not, but Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend. Do not forget to add sunscreen in your daily skincare routine regardless of what the weather condition is! Himaira’s Sunscreen Mousse with SPF 50 PA+++, safeguards your skin from the harmful UV rays. It not only prevents tanning and dark spots but also lowers the chances of skin cancer.
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3. Never miss hydration

Promise to keep your skin well hydrated is one resolution that you should stick to. Hydration is important from inside as well as outside. Ensure you are drinking an ample amount of water to keep your skin well hydrated from inside.
Even though the weather is chilly, you still need a moisturizer for oily skin. Hydro Bomb intense hydration works best for normal to oily skin type whereas Hydro Bomb 72h hydration is perfect for normal to dry skin type. Both the moisturizers provide a protective barrier and locks in moisture and prevents dryness.
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4. Follow a balanced diet

Always remember, great skin comes from within. Make it a habit to consume a healthy balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, promote skin health from within. It helps in clearing out the skincare problems from inside which shows great glowing results on the outside. Pro tip, include Ghee in your diet. Ghee is rich in nutrients and can be easily found at your homes. Ghee helps in soothing, hydrating and also has anti aging properties. Add ghee to your regular diet and flaunt your skin.

Setting a routine of new skin care resolution is a promise to oneself for a healthier, glowing skin.

Other than consistent skin care practices, there are other things as well which make a major difference in your personal well being namely consistency, healthy diet, lifestyle changes and a mindful approach. By adopting these easy yet effective skincare resolutions, you can boost your confidence and self esteem. Get ready to welcome a year of radiant, healthy and beautiful skin.

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Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.