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In the cold winds of winter, amidst the layers of clothes, hot chocolate and christmas vibes, the significance of sunscreen might seem to fade away. As the winter chills set in, many people tend to remove their sunscreen with the idea that colder winter months means less sun exposure and less need for protection from the sun. But guess what, sun rays are harmful no matter if it's winters or summers, so Sunscreen acts as the most crucial skincare product that needs to be used all around the year, including winter.

Let's get into understanding the reasons why applying sunscreen during winters is unavoidable!

1. Presence of UV Rays!

Despite the chilly weather, the sun's harmful UV (ultra violet) rays, majorly UVA rays, are constant throughout the year. Even during winters, these UVA rays can penetrate through the atmosphere causing intense damage to the skin. These rays can cause long-term damage such as premature aging, wrinkles, dark spots and sun spots.

2. Snow increases the sun’s impact 

Ever heard of the sun acting up like a mirror? Snow reflects sunlight and can intensify the sun exposure. These harmful UV rays can bounce on your skin causing harm to exposed skin. So remember to apply a good layer of sunscreen before enjoying the snow!

3. Skin Protection

Who doesn't want a youthful glow? Using sunscreen every day helps keep your skin healthy and young. It fights off damage caused by the sun, which can make your skin look old faster. It protects the skin from various issues. Consistent application of sunscreen in winter helps maintain the skin’s health.

4. Reduces skin cancer risk

You know what’s scary? Skin cancer. Too much exposure to the sun's rays, regardless of the season, can increase the risk of skin cancer. But using sunscreen regularly can lower that risk, protecting your skin from harm.

5. Choosing the right sunscreen!

Choosing the right sunscreen is very important. Opting for a broad spectrum with SPF 50 is like having a shield for your skin. Additionally, considering a sunscreen with moisturizing properties can help combat dryness.
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Taking care of your skin during winter is super important, even if the sun isn’t shining bright. Incorporating sunscreen into your winter skincare routine is vital for maintaining healthy and protected skin. Winter demands the same level of attention and care for our skin as any other season. Protecting your skin should be a priority, regardless of the season, so by using sunscreen as a daily habit, you ensure your skin remains healthy, youthful, and shielded from the damaging effects of the sun.

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Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.