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In a world where new beauty routines are coming and going, the no makeup look remains constant. There is nothing more beautiful than having a clear glowing complexion. Embracing your natural and raw features is powerful and empowering. The no makeup look doesn't really mean to go out bare faced but more towards enhancing your real beauty. Achieving the no makeup look does not come naturally, following a proper routine and making a few adjustments in your daily routine plays a major role.

Let us discuss how you can achieve the naturally beautiful skin and master the no makeup look!

1. Eat good food

This step is the most important in your everyday life. Beauty comes from within and this will only happen if you are consuming good nutritious food. Balanced diet is of utmost importance because it provides you with the essential nutrients that promote skin health.

A balanced diet takes care of hydration, protects the skin from environmental stressors and overall skin health. By nourishing your body from inside out, one can achieve radiant skin.

2. Following a healthy skincare routine

Finding and following a healthy skincare routine is the building block of achieving natural beauty. Following a consistent skincare routine is crucial for maintaining a healthy skin. The basic steps to include in your daily skincare routine is cleansing, hydrating and sun protection.

3. Hydrate and Protect

Stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water throughout the day. This keeps you hydrated from within. Maintaining the hydration level in your body is very important. Topping off your skin with a layer of hydrating moisturizer helps to prevent dry and flaky skin. Applying a layer of sunscreen with spf 50 helps in safeguarding your skin from harmful sun rays. Himaira offers a Ready to Go Bundle inclusive of Hydro Bomb Moisturizer and Sunscreen Mousse combo, a dynamic duo designed to provide ultimate hydration and sun protection for your skin.
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4. Use minimal makeup

Using heavy coverage foundations for your skin is old school, rather choose something that is lightweight and natural looking for your skin. Opting for lightweight BB Mousse evens out the skin tone while offering a light coverage. Use Himaira’s BB Mousse with a unique mousse formula that glides like butter on the skin, giving a soft matte look with SPF 15 and powerful skincare ingredients. It enhances your natural beauty giving a soft matte breathable look.
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Achieving a no makeup look is all about altering your daily habits and following a consistent skincare routine. By following the recommended tips and using minimal makeup products, one could achieve a naturally radiant skin.

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Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.